Overlooked but Lurking

When clients bring us their new puppy, we’ll often hear them say something like, “Just give him the necessary shots; we don’t want to over-vaccinate.” Usually, this means the clients want only the two legally required vaccines — rabies and distemper (and maybe the Bordetella vaccine, which many groomers and boarders require) — but from … Read moreOverlooked but Lurking

Interview with Dr. Sane: Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome

The following is a deep-dive interview between Dr. Matthew Everett Miller (MEM) and Dr. Tracy Sane (TS) about brachycephalic airway surgery. For a quick overview on this condition, click here. This interview has been lightly edited for clarity. MEM: Working with you in the clinic, I hear you mention this surgery, brachycephalic airway surgery, probably … Read moreInterview with Dr. Sane: Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome

The Blunt-Faced Bulldog

When humans began meddling with the genetic make-up of dogs several centuries ago, it wasn’t long before someone hit upon the idea of producing a dog with a unique look by giving it essentially no nose at all. What eventually resulted was an abundance of flat-faced breeds like Boston terriers, French and English bulldogs, and … Read moreThe Blunt-Faced Bulldog

Flipping Stomachs

As recently as a few years ago, one could have made the argument that the French Bulldog was the unofficial mascot of the West Village. More recently, though, the popularity of these adorable and stubby dogs in the area has yielded to that of the more elegant array of Poodle mixes, commonly referred to as … Read moreFlipping Stomachs